Parkway Labs is a company that is specialized in Internet services such as Search Engine Optimization, Web Development, Programming and Designing. We have over 15 years of experience in this field and we have put all our knowledge and skills in one company which will cover all of your business´s needs to be successful with your online business.

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About seven years ago we started to look into how we could lower our production costs as the salaries where increasing year by year. Many companies are today setting an hourly rate for €100 excluding sales tax.
To work in or to buy services from Asia is not a piece of cake and can in many cases result in greater costs than expected. We have through the years tried buying services from websites like, and and ended up with nightmare scenarios. The projects were constantly getting delayed and the programming and documentation held low standards. The unprofessional project gathering in the freelance business, as a result of not wanting to turn down any money, simply results in low quality services. A classic sign of this is not answering phone calls, e-mail or Skype with the deadline closing in.

Parkway Labs have worked, located in Asia, for over five years through our German, Spanish, English, Swedish and Finish project leaders, offering you a reliable partner in the business.

We are offering western standards for eastern prices