Parkway Labs offer SEO content and SEO texts to profitable prices. We are a new thinking text agency – our concept is quite simple: to offer as low prices as possible. We understand our client’s needs to customize content with consideration to search engines, running a business through or based on Internet and that affordable price for SEO services can be crucial.

Our low prices are the outcome of a large network of professional writers, copywriters and journalists employed by the hour. Our efficient business model alongside a high quality proofreading makes it possible for Parkway Labs to offer texts to low costs but right quality for any high demanding client. Our clients can enjoy great prices without worries.


SEO content in many languages

Parkway Labs offer SEO content in a variety of languages. We are specialized in the Nordic languages – Swedish, Danish, Norwegian, Finish and Icelandic and we also offer services in German, English, French, Polish and Dutch.

SEO content in German will be written by writers with German as their mother tongue to keep the parlance natural to the reader.


Our competence and our clients

Our clients are mostly companies that work with SEO or e-business. We have thus a broad variety of subjects, which we write about, anything from tires, traveling industry, gaming and clothes.

Take a peek at our earlier projects for a sample of the diversity of our clients. Through our panoply of writers and copywriters we are able to write on just about any subject.

Our specialization in SEO texts for e-businesses has meant a great deal of work with texts for products and product translations, in large batches and continuously, all accordingly to our client´s needs. Our experiences and knowledge of the branch and it´s challenges makes it possible for us to deliver the specific services that are crucial for a successful e-business.

Our own systems allows us and our writers, even if located in different places, to organize orders and deliver the content right on schedule. Our genuine experience in the field also makes us a reliable choice for your peripheral services e.g. press releases, which is a popular service addition among our clients.


What to think of before ordering SEO texts

To work with SEO texts can mean some challenges. To us terms like key word density and headlining are given but some details vary, project to project. We write optimizing texts for two different targets -the reader and the search engines.


To get as much out of your SEO please consider:

Who is the target?
A definition of which the reader is helps us to modulate the language.
In which format would you like to have the texts?
We deliver texts in our or your own content system and in file format like Excel or CSV-files depending on what suits you best.


Which amount of text do you need?
For web content the price usually depends on the amount of words needed, for e-businesses the more important aspect for pricing is the quantity of products while a more traditional web service is often priced based on the so called landing pages.


Do you wish the delivery to be made in batches or continuously?
Our process varies depending on your business´s needs. To customize your delivery plan, please contact us.


How soon are the texts needed?
One factor in pricing is the time given for the work process. Regular, larger orders are written within a few weeks while smaller orders are written in a shorter amount of time. We also offer express delivery for when your need is urgent.

In our pages on SEO content you will find clear estimates of different pricing on SEO texts and translations. Through our neat business model we have the ability to offer products to bargain prices normally only offered by small freelancers. For the need of larger amounts and a quality proof delivery we are, as such, convinced that we are the perfect choice!