Parkway Labs isn´t just high quality technical solutions but also great service and support! Our philosophy is that a great service company needs a great team. Parkway Labs has over 10 years of experience in hosting and we strive to give our clients the best service possible. This means to:

  • Actively listen to fully understand the clients needs and wishes
  • Communicate simple and clear while solving the clients problem
  • Establish close partnerships with our clients
  • Short term upgrading of equipment
  • Always be helpful and polite

When calling any support team a customer should never have to speak to different people who may or may not know of the current situation and the need of technicians, all though this is the case in many companies. Our support team is dedicated, has years of experience in the server hosting business and you will get that cut edge service that a client indeed should be given.


Service Level Agreements (SLA)

Parkway Labs offer three kinds of SLA:s to match your company´s needs. We are happy to discuss with you which service level will suit your business. Regardless of the level, you always have access to our dedicated support team.We offer technical support around the clock.


Professional hosting

Professional hosting is a all inclusive service for your solution where your administration is entirely left to us. This means not only to be available should any problems arise but also to work preventively and lower down time.You are given a professional hosting manager (PHM) and will hear from us within the hour after a received request. The service also include re-read of backup, reboot of software/server, managed firewall, updating of operating systems, server health reports (SHR) and off-site backup for your data.