SEO is a shortening for Search Engine Optimization, the process of increasing the visibility and ranking of a website, image or any other content put on the Internet, in a search engine like Google. Parkway Labs use this optimization as a tool to increase our clients sales.

By enhancing the rankings of your company´s pages in the results of a search, made by a potential customer looking for your services or products, we make sure the most relevant visitors find their way to you. To maximize the efficacy of your SEO we analyze your potential customers search behavior and create a strategy for the keywords and target consumers that will generate the best results for you.

In addition to the SEO of organic search results (the marked ones shown to the right), a cost effective optimization could also include sponsored links and Google Maps.

How does it work?

The goals of the search engines are to present the user with the best search result given parameters of matching keywords, user activity history and website popularity etc. which are being analyzed. The goal of SEO is thereby to improve the website´s correspondence to these parameters and get the search engine to rank it higher than it´s competitors. This is done by improving the parts of the website information which the search engine analyze and compares.
Parkway Labs can help you to increase your websites ranking by different means depending on your specific needs. For example you might want to build on your long term backlinks or, depending on your area of expertise and current competition, rent links on relevant websites. In addition to these sophisticated aspects of SEO we also analyze the more technical aspects of search engine indexing and possible ways to improve these. Search Engine Optimization is often combined with sponsored links and conversion optimization e.g. to convert a visit to a buy or a sign up..


The first step?

The first step in the process of optimization is a thorough analyzes of your business´s needs -a baseline analysis. We do this to be able to present you with a suggestion completely based on your specific conditions, aims and competition. Our technicians och project managers are seated in Colombo, Sri Lanka. Contact us and we´ll pay a visit to you to tell you more!